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Rui Ci, Qi Hua Primary School

Last time, I got 48 for Math and I was very sad since I always used my school’s methods to do the questions. I was also the lowest in class and the only failure. But after coming here for 3 months, I got 63! I am now eating snacks Mr Mark gives while doing worksheets he gives. He also teaches very easy methods.

Ethel Low, CHIJ Kellock

I used to fail EVERY EXAM as I drew models. However, after attending this tuition, I get full marks as I do not need to draw models after I have learnt all the short-cut methods. I got lots of free sweets whenever I finish a paper. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND coming to MathChamps. Mr Mark is very kind.

Eden Seet, Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School

I used to get 64 for my exams but now I am getting 70.5. Last time, I used to draw models. But after coming to this tuition, I did not only learn new methods but I also improved a lot and I don’t need to draw models anymore! I am glad that my mother sent me to this tuition and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND coming here. There are also mini treats when you do something well. The teacher (Mr Mark) is also very kind and will make sure that you learn. Mr Mark is also super friendly. The fees are also affordable and it really helps me in my studies. Mr Mark will also provide worksheets so there is no need to bring your own. He also has stationery in the class so that his students can use them if they forget to bring. He also provides his students with water so that they do not get thirsty. I hope you consider coming to MathChamps! 😀


I was failing miserably during my year end Sec 3 exams for Math and I honestly didn’t know if one year of tuition could change my results, but it definitely did change them drastically. Despite getting F9 grades for Math in Sec 3, I managed to get a B3 for Math at O levels. This happened again in JC where I was getting straight U grades during my JC1 Math exams and I called Mr Mark Loh for his assistance again as I was getting more desperate. He managed to make a miracle out of me in such an intense and short period of time, changing my U grade to a much more decent B grade at A levels, which I could never imagined attaining alone. Mr Mark Loh never gives up on his students and his creative strategies in tackling questions can really then the way a person looks at Math.

Yuki Ang, Nanyang Girls High School

Hello Mr Loh! I got A1 for both E. Maths and A. Maths!! IM2 was 82/100 and IM1 was 72/80 😀 A lot of careless mistakes for IM2, could have gotten about 90 actually. My scores overall for both maths are also A1. Thank you for your guidance!!

Qian Ru

I got A1 for both E. Maths and A. Maths O Levels!

Mrs Barber, parent of Yuki Barber

Yuki tops the whole school academically, even the GEPs, with the highest honour award of Valedictorian Award and also an award for top 3 in Maths and Science. Thank you so much for your coaching 🙂

Jeremy Lee

When I first joined MathChamps, Math was probably one of my weakest and least confident subject. however, throughout my continuous journey here, Mr Mark helped me with a lot of support. the fact that his explanations of methods are very accurate with detail, Math started becoming one of my best and most confident subjects. Now, I am able to tackle long equations and new units.

Celestine Keng, Yew Tee Primary School

Hey, I am Celestine, I am writing this to tell you that model sucks. Let me tell you my story. When I was in P4, I always score very badly for Math. Then after a few times of scoring badly, my mother decided to find a tuition for me. Soon later, my mum found this tuition centre. How my mother found it was that my mum’s shop[ is just right behind his. My mum’s shop is called ‘Belleza Skin Care’. Let’s continue, so when I tried it for the first lesson, it was not about model. Instead of model, he taught methods such as “Unitary”, “Bracket”, “Branching” and many more. It was easy and fun, he gave us many sweets to eat. Therefore, when it was quiz time, I scored 28/30. I improved. In conclusion, MathChamps helped me a lot!

Rui Ci, Qi Hua Primary School

I am from Qi Hua Primary School. My Math teacher always made use of models to solve some questions, taking up too much time, thus I failed my SA1. When I came here, Mr Mark taught me easier and quicker methods to solve questions. After doing a practice paper, I managed to pass my Math.

Sean Teo, Nan Hua Primary School

Mr Mark is a kind and patient teacher who will teach us patiently until we understand his methods. His methods are easy to remember, ingenius and fast unlike model drawing. I really recommend it!

Caitlyn Teo, Nan Hua Primary School

The methods Mr Mark teaches are very useful in helping me solve my Math problem sums in an easier way. These methods are easier to understand than the ones taught in school and my results improved tremendously.

Pierina Phan,
Kuo Chuan Primary School

Last time when I was P4, I failed since P4 to P5 for every exam. But when I came to this tuition, I learnt that the model method sucks but the new methods in this tuition centre was easy and very helpful! So from 42/100, now I got 72/100.


MathChamps is fun and interesting. You can do work and learn in a relaxed environment. Also, Teacher Mark is kind and patient to teach his students the different methods to solve different Math questions. Moreover, there is no scolding in this tuition so students can enjoy the subject more. After attending MathChamps, I learned easier and faster methods to solve Math questions. This helped me to do better in my examination.

Lex Wei Jun, student of MathChamps 2016 – 2019

Dear Teacher Mark,
I want to thank you for teaching and helping my doubts on a lot of math topics during my secondary school years. I am grateful that you were able to play a part in getting me to improve my grades as well as getting into poly as my first step. I hope that I can come back for tuition if I need it in my foundation year.
P.S. Thank you really for your help 🙂

Jayant Yeo

When I was Primary 5, I failed every math paper my teacher gave me, I was the lowest student in Math of the whole P5, so I went around looking for math tuitions and found MathChamps. I first tried the tuition in a trial lesson. It was quiet, a good place to do work, the teacher, Mr Mark, is very patient, kind and super helpful. He taught us his methods of solving questions easily and after the trial, I immediately went for MathChamps tuition. Now, my exams are all As. My teachers were shocked at how my grade went from F to an A. I told them I went to a tuition centre called MathChamps. For my PSLE, I got an A for Math thanks to Mr Mark’s guidance and his patience in teaching me. I highly recommend you to join MathChamps. It will change your math grades to an A.

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